My Ex might be with other 2 guys, What should I do?

So after 1 month of no contact with my ex and previously having tried to get back twice with her we started talking again, she was going to go on a blind date last weekend but she didn't. Today we are talking over the computer and she is texting a friend and I ask her what is up and she tells me she is stressed about something but doesn't say what. I ask what is up with her but she didn't say it and after insisting she that she is confused over 2 guys and doesn't say much about them but says one she can actually date and the over she doesn't know. She did only ask me 2 things and it made me feel bad. What should I do?


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  • Ok so, I know this is a tough situation but don't change what you where doing, keep doing your own things and live you life without including her too much.
    You are right to not ask her about the other guys, this is indeed the role of a friend.

    Unfortunately, you can't do much about her dates, but in my opinion, being stressed about seeing someone isn't what i'd call being happy to meet someone so, she might be (this is one of many possibilities) saying that to see your reaction or something like that.

    From my own experience (I don't have much but it still counts 😂), it's pretty hard to be friend with an ex, and both party often don't want that.

    What made you feel bad if it's okay to say?

    What i'd do if I was in the same situation would be what I told you last time, and if I see she is moving away from me, i'd stop talking to her suddenly for a week or until she comes talk to me, always saying I was too busy to talk.

    • What made me feel bad was that she found 2 other guys and that she might date one of them but after a few hours i said to myself that if she wishes to do that she can go ahead but i'm still going for her. But i dont think that stop talking to her for a week will do anything since she didn't even come to me in a month. Also when i asked her of why did she keep looking at me during the 1 month period she said that some of the times was to "avoid me" because she sometimes doesn't want to see certain people and i ask if i did anything bad to her and she said oh no i just do that with everyone and i was like ok then. But i truly dont know what to do now.

    • She looked at you some of the time to avoid you? What about the rest of the time?

      I told you what, in my opinion, you should in my previous answer, and I don't see anything else for now. So it's up to you in the end. What you should know is that exes always come back, be it a boy or a girl. It's just not always at the right time, or not the ex you wanted back.

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  • Well it sounds like she is trying to move on, but keep you in her life. Don't try to force her back into anything or make her feel that way just be there for her and see what happens. You never know.

    • Interesting, What do you suggest for me to do?

    • just talk to her and let her know that you are there without making her feel like you want to get together and if she declines your friendship request she doesn't want to have anything to do with you so you should also move on

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  • Since she's considering her options to date someone other then you, its safe to say she's movig on, even tough you two considered getting back together, i would not count on those chances at this point.

    the two men she considered, any more information about them?
    how likely do you think that you could be one of the two?

    • Thanks for your input, I know that the guy that she said she could date was a few months older than her (she is 15 and i'm 18). She might have meet them during the 1 month no contact period. And I am not very sure about if she will or will not choose a guy because all her relationships have been short. But I am afraid to ask more about these people because I don't want to fall into the friend zone kinda place. What I over heard in the moment was that also she was going to text one of them to either figure her situation out or just casual talk but i'm not sure. What do you recommend for me to do?

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    • Well moving on is not an option at the moment but is there anything i could do to move around this?

    • why is moving on not an option? in many cases its the only option.

      moving around this, around her?
      ignore her, the relationship is over so you have no responsibility to her.

      here is the thing man, since the relationship is over, you usually both go your own way.

  • Drop her. Talk to her politely if needed and explain you can't contact her. These back and forths mever end well and dont bring about friendships. Your relationship sounds over. If you want there to be a slight chance of being friends again, dont contact her until you're both over it and it comes naturally. in my opinion, you're only truly over it when you could do without the person and you appreciate the whole thing as just a life experience and not something painful

  • Ask if you can watch


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