Should I have been embarrassed as I was?

Ok so I sit and think about a situation that happen months ago between me a girl and another guy. We hung out one night and before then people started rumors about this girl that she was fucking everyone in the store which wasn’t true but I figured I would tease her while we were hanging out which badly backfired and really had me in my feelings for a second cause we was walking down the sidewalk talking and I go that’s a hell of a train and the guy goes you clearly have no chance with her and only I could legitimately sleep with her the rest of the night for awkward from there cause they started slinging racial slurs and before the movie started we was supposed to go to I was already ready to leave but decided to stay for some dumb reason and they started cuddling up in the theater in the dark as the movie was playing


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  • "they started slinging racial slurs"

    People to avoid being seen with.

    • Yeah dude as the night went on I just started more and more uncomfortable but I was in a bad spot cause she drove and I was far from home

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