Does my boyfriend really care about me?

So I've known him for about three months but only started dating him recently. He's really sweet and we talk about personal things. I really want to believe that he cares about me because he says that I'm the only thing that he likes about school and we hug and cuddle at my house.
But at school he just doesn't act the same way. He won't really say much and is on his phone constantly. I know I'm being super sensitive but it hurts when he won't pay attention to me


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  • Some people don't like to be romantic in public, I'm one of them. Speak with him how he feels about your concerns. But Don't be pushy


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  • I agree. It might have to do with public affection. Ask him and explain how it makes you feel. Don't be accusing or he'll clam up. Listen to his thoughts and he'll listen to yours if he does care about you.


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