How do you know if someone is over their ex?


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  • They aren't looking at the floor or the wall for long periods and they no longer seem distant or passive. Sometimes though it just takes a friendly face to pull them out of the haze.

    • I just met the guy and we went on a date, without my knowledge that him and his girlfriend broke up within the last 2 months

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    • But he is super nice and a gentleman so I dont want to give up on it but I feel like id just be a rebound

    • Just ask him sometime super sweetly wanna meet me for coffee? And when he seems like he might say no interrupt him with MY TREAT! XD and just give him a really stunning smile that he can't turn down. XD.

      And dont worry about being a "rebound" so long as you make it clear you have noticed him being down and you come off as though your doing it at first as though your just caring. I'm sure he will take you up on the offer. Guys are most oftenly gentle giants and are just as much or more actually emotional than even girls. Were just good at hiding it more often.

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