Getting over insecurities?

Ok there is this girl that I have gotten close to. She is probably the only girl I have opened up to and let her know about my insecurities. One of my biggest worries (my the best way I can describe it is a knot in my stomach) is that she is probably with someone else while she is talking to me. I just don’t know because she says she isn’t. There were things that I caused me to have a weird gut feeling, and I asked her about it. She denied it. I don’t know why I feel this way first of all, because at the end of the day we are technically will friends (despite kissing, etc). I just don’t know what to do, because she is stuck in my mind and I still have feelings for her. Not matter what happens, and not to mention we still talk. I didn’t talk to her for about 3 weeks, but one day i wanted to see how she was doing. After that it’s like where we left off. Then all the feelings of is she with another guy and so forth also came flooded back. Just looking for advice. Even after finding out about my insecurities and some other things I have never told anybody (no It’s not something detrimental), she was still there. I just don’t want to get hurt or played in the end. I would feel like a fool if I’m trying to get this girl and she’s with another guy, probably thinking I’m some fool. Even then I have prayed about it if it’s meant to be let it be and if it’s not don’t let I to be. I still think about her everyday, and despite what may happen hopes that she gets the best and gets all her dreams and wishes.


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  • You have to face them and let them go, you are afraid of them, but you have to let that fear go


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