A mans point of view to these actions I will describe from the guy I am dating. Help please?

We have been dating for going on 3 months. I am a single Mother/full time worker, but that does not effect us in anyway. Anyways lols we met online things were going great before he started working double shifts back to back. So phone calls were less and seeing each other? Its has been a month since our first date. But we both work. he's been texting me Good morning beautiful or beloved or Queen with 3 to 4 emojis EVERYDAY SINCE WE STARTED SPEAKING he ask how im doing? If I've eaten? How im feeling? Etc (i love it) he hasn't ignored me for over 24 hours.. He is very old fashion so he believes in saving important convos for face to face when we meet again for date night. And guess what? We have not brought up the sex conversation and i dont even care because this is a mentall shock to me lol we are both scared of letting our guards down. But we are sincer, easy going, non assuming towards each other we believe in the foundation of friendship so we don't ruin things. And also our Last conversation he said he doesn't want me meeting anyone new... he's a Dec Capricorn Im a Pisces Cusp with Aquarius if that matters 😂😂 let me know what y'all think? And he admitted to not having good communication skills and appologized for the miscommunication mix up we had 😍😍 also im extremely patient and im not expecting anything. But we are nervous as hell and get super nervous while on the phone... out of all the millions of guys in the world this one feels strange to me... Sorry if my grammer may be wrong my first language is Creole/French...


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  • Sounds like genuine love. LOL How does the kid though think of the boyfriend. OuO as thats what will really seal the deal.

    • Lol Im not comfortable yet with anyone around my son only his dad. Lol you said boyfriend. Does it really seem like that? 😊 thanks for your opinion. And question- what does OuO mean? im abit not up to date 😂

    • OuO is like being shocked XD.

      I'm not surprised your not up to date with the face emoji's that use the old fomat of making them.

      But yes it seems like you two are very close.

  • Not sure does he like kids do you want more are you happy or you just having doughts. What do you want. If he dont work im available

    • He actually love kids he love the fact that my son is vegetarian. Im doubting because im single and have a son. So priorities is different. I dont like being a burdon in any situation with anyone. Im already happy but this is a different warm hearted happy. I want a man who is patient who is not affraid to put me in my place. Im very strong minded but sweet and nurturing so I dont need a punk ass dude that can't stand his ground.

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