Suspiciously low match count?

On dating sites I do have some matches. But I'm talking like a handful. Some very attractive looking girls too, but I message them and there's no reply.

I've built a reasonably good profile too. Nothing trashy, or ridiculous, or unattractive. One pic I'm wearing a suit. People at work have said that I look like one of those young, Silicon Valley tech CEOs when I dress up lol. I drive a sporty brand new car, have a good job, it all shows on the profile, and it's like it's so hard for me to get a match. It doesn't make sense!

Are girls really just that much more responsive to tools and bad boy types? In addition to everything I've stated, I'm also the good guy type. Are most 20 something girls just not looking for that? 😕


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  • Try downloading the Bumble app. I have the same problem as you. In bumble though the girl has to message you first so you don't have to waste time messaging them without getting a response.

    • Same issues. Very little to no matches.

    • You have to power swipe. Don't even look at the girls profile. Just keep swiping right as fast as you can until your thumb hurts. You'll get more matches trust me.

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