How do I tell my girlfriend I love her?

I want to tell my girlfriend that I love her but I don't know how please help me


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  • first off don’t just say you love her because you’re young and dumb. That being said i’m still with and engaged to the girl i started dating at 11 so my advice is if you really mean it then it should be natural, just say it the words pronouncing your feelings are the special part not how you say it

  • You yell hey bitch come here like she did something wrong then you look deep into her eyes so all she sees is and you say baby as reach down to both ass cheeks grab lift and as she comes in for the kiss you say baby I have fallen for you head over heels. You kiss her set her down and say slowly I love you

  • If it's the right time, it's not hard. You just say it. If it isn't the right time, you ask strangers how to tell her. Give it some time.


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