Did he realize or is he just desperate? & who to choose?

During the start of 2010, my old fling came back to me. We chatted, hung out during my study period for my final exams. Just before exams started he totally ignored me, and when I confronted him: he said its because he doesn't want to be the only reason for me to fail my exams and that when my exams are done we will talk again. He stopped texting me, answering my calls and when I went to his work place, he totally ignored me. Once my exams are done, we started talking however, it took ages for him to reply and he didn't seem like he wanted to hang out or talk. I headed off for my grad trip and as soon as I came back, his sister told me that his brother is going out with another girl. He deleted me off facebook and totally ignored my texts. Him and his girlfriend at the time were on for 2 weeks, not even a month and they broke up.

couple of days later he came up to me and talked to me, asking for an apology.

Did he realize what he's done wrong? or is he just desperate to get another girlfriend to make his ex jealous?


- I told him frankly that he's a desperate guy and he admits he is

- he told me that the only reason why he ignored me was because he wanted me to tell him that I miss him and that I love him and I can't live a day without him (but, I'm not that easy)

- since he came back, he changed. he's been more honest, yet he still breaks his promises.

- I'm leaving for studies and he's willing to go long distance with me, but the thing is I know he's not that kind of a person because he hasn't been loyal enough to me ever since we started our mutual understanding.

What is it really? Does he get another chance?

however, complications come up, as I am already having a thing with this other guy, we`re not official but we had one date before I left the country (heading home in 2 weeks) and he's managed to contact me almost every single day. We talk about sexual stuff, and all he is interested in is once I'm back, our first date = sexy time. (its not what I want...)

Who to choose?

The guy that realized/desperately needs me? (he's pretty reputed as a rapper and is in a gang)


The guy that's been there for me during the times the guy above lost? (he wants to try out long distance once I head for higher studies)

Gals & Guys, tell me what to do? I'm confused.


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