What do you do to find people you like closer to you?

I've been finding girls on dating sites who are too far away. The problem is I click with these girls who are far away and I can't find anyone close under 30 minutes. One girl I liked she said I told her love you too early and she even said beforehand she'd be seeing multiple guys. Another is an hour and a half away. Another was states away.

I'm just really craving intimacy. I want a girl I can cuddle and relax with.


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  • Have you thought about trying to meet girls in person?

    • Where and how? 😂

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    • Well hey chances of finding someone mega close to you then online xXD

    • Lol thaaanks

What Guys Said 1

  • Thing is, there are good and bad places to meet girls. Certain places attract certain people. Try volunteering or going to farmers market or some shit. You'll find a good girl there who's in a good phase in her life. U find a girl at a club dancing up on u, you can bet she will be dancing up on more dudes soon. But yeah. Just think of what you like to do, and go outside your house and pursue whatever that is


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