How do I like this guy, but there’s no chemistry?

I feel like he’s not committing enough or maybe he’s afraid to open up. We went out on a few dates last year which lead to nothing and we stopped talking until recently I unexpectedly saw him somewhere last month & he texted me after that, we hung out alone once & a few times with friends. I get this weird vibe out of
him... I can’t tell if he wants to be in a relationship or not. Maybe he’s not interested, maybe he doesn’t know what he wants or he’s not good at relationships? I don’t know. I’m just puzzled as to why I still like him, can’t seem to forget him. (It sounds stupid Ik)


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  • If you like him, tell him. But if he knows you like him and this is his reaction... Move past it. You dont need to worry about who does or doesn't like you and why.


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