How does one determine whether or not they’re dating someone?

I found out today that most of my school assumes I’m dating someone. When people have asked me if I was in a relationship before I would say something along the lines of “if I were dating someone I would be the last one to know” and I’m not really sure if that has come true with out me noticing.

These are some things that may be contributing to the idea or not... I really have no idea.
• she likes to stand in lunch lines with me
• we walk to classes together and usually end up in groups because we’re friends since 7th grade
• called me a “teddy bear” (still don’t understand what that means but whatever)
• Etc.

I suck when it comes to reading people so thanks for the input. 😅

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How does one determine whether or not they’re  dating someone?
  • Dating, yes, you’re an idiot
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  • Not dating, yep, still an idiot
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  • Not dating

  • dude you're only dating if you go on dates or you ask her to be your boyfriend.

    • I’m just asking 🤷‍♂️ never dated anyone and people keep asking

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