He proposed a year and a half ago, yet no date is set?

We have been together for 2 1/2 years , he proposed and we set a date well needless to say we had some issues so we did not get married on our date...now he says he loves me and wants me in his life but can't promise marriage in our future, he's said he's scared and was burned before and doesn't know if he wants to go through with it again. We already live together and we each have a child from a previous relationship. He said I can tell people that we are married and he wants me to wear my ring, but can't promise me that there will be a marriage. I want more children and want to be married someday, Am I just spinning my wheels with him, I just don't think that he wants to marry me. He claims that I am marriage material, perfect in every way, just doesn't know if he ever wants to get married again. Please help, any advice on what's really going on here?


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  • He needs to make up his mind, this isn't fair to you. If you're goal is to get married and have a family, then you need to leave him because right now, I feel like if someone or something else came alone, he would have no problem leaving you as you guys aren't connected. And it's not fair to your child. Your child's going to get attached to this guy only to have him leave