We text everyday day and night. Are we just friends?

So I have this guy friend and I know him since years but we fought and now we are in touch again.. we are texting each other everyday. most of the time I am the initiator but he reciprocates. I am too caring for him and he would reciprocate even then. Does he like me or is just being nice as a friend. He would sometimes talk about other girls but is equally interested if I was seeing someone. He is single and working in another country. And we don't flirt.


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  • How long did you stop talking before you got back cool again? Is he the same as before?

    And it’s always possible to turn a close friendship into more. Even if you initiate more. He is single, so that’s a plus in your favor.

    Don’t worry about his actions!! Only be mindful of your own, start tossing in some flirtatious banter. Ask for a meet up some day, if not to far out the country. And seee where you can and can’t go with topics of relationship/sexual in nature.

    Hopefully it works out :)

    • we were not in touch for almost 4 years. he is caring and mature now.

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    • Thanks.. I hope we end up together. I love him. Thanks again.

    • I asked him and he said no.. he might have just liked the attention. lol. thanks for your help. I dono why guys do this

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  • I think you both like each other and think of the different country that love isn't possible


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