PLEASE A VIRGIN IS IN NEED OF DATING HELP SOOOO BADLY. please tell me if all he wants is sex?

I live in Jefferson City Missouri

So, I have known this boy since I was 11 and liked him since I was 12. He is white, I am black. He is perfectly my type and I THOUGHT I was his. I want an actual relationship with this boy, but all he does is talk about sex. Im not a prude, I like talking about it too but alllll the time is a little much. Its like he doesn’t want to talk about anything else. It hurts to think all he wants is sex from me, but I just feel like him getting what he wants and then leaving will feel much worst. Sorry of this doesn’t make much sense its been a long night.

If anyone needs more info I am happy to give more. Also he knows how I feel about my virginity thats why its odd he talks to me like he's going to get some easily 🤷🏾‍♀️

So my question to guys is honestly does he just want sex and thats it?

And girls have you dealt with anyone like this before? How did you handle it?


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  • He might be into you, but only in terms of sexual interest. If you're 19 then he must be 18, it's normal for boys of your age to be hellbent on sex, but if he were considerate and understanding, he would stop talking about it that often. If he cared for you, your soul I mean, he would try to develop emotional bond, not sexual.

    • Thank you for replying, He is 19 and maybe 4 months older than me, I get that sex is a big thing to him right now, but I just don’t want to feel used in the end when its all said and done

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    • Thank you, you don’t know how helpful you have been!

    • I know nothing. Don't believe a random stranger on the net.

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  • Sweetheart. The guy is definitely interested in sex. But also trying to get you to be jealous. Just based on him knowing your virginity. But also if you do end up having sex it could go either way. But definitely gets awkward.
    Am not a master in this. But if there is something just let me know..

    • Thank you for the response! But How is he making me jealous? I didn’t pick up on that

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  • My guess would be that he wants you to be his friend with benefits. Unless he wants to do couple type of things (like go on dates) or talks about being in a relationship with you, it is safe to assume he’s looking for sex. I don’t think he would ghost on you if you had sex with him, but it doesn’t sound like he wants a girlfriend right now either.

  • Just read him by spending time with someone else. He will definitely going a way to momma


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