Extremely confused on girl, help?

So Im a jokey guy, I say that because it might help later on. One of my female friends, I also had a little crush on her, and she always seemed to have one on me. However, she started holding my hand, calling me cute names, wanting to hang more, etc. One day, she called me her boyfriend, said yeah we are "dating", and proceeded to act cute and stuff. She didn't seem jokey at all, she seemed honest. She changed my phone contact name to "Bae" started calling herself "my girl" and so on. So I started acting the same way back, the cute lovey dove stuff.

Eventually after a few weeks of it going on, going on "dates", and More+, I felt like this was real. I asked her are we "official then" and she said what do I mean, she thought we were just being cute and jokey. I said so you don't like me, you don't want to date me? She says, "I'm not sure, no. I just thought you were joking and being cute with me". I sort of got upset, not really pissed, but told her not to lead me on like that if you didn't like me. She said "idk, its hard to say, I don't know how you feel about me", then out of the blew said "I like you a lot, a really really lot" (wtf is this, 4th grade). Then says that she thought I was just joking about the relationship, being cute and going along with it. She also said she was really scared to tell me, and was jealous of the girls I spoke to. If so though, why would she say no, and say no to being official.

She's never had a serious relationship before (she told me), and its obvious haha. What would you say in this position? I do like her, she's really sweet (but obviously inexperienced).


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