What is the best response to a guy who ghosted me who has now texted months later?

  • Ignore him
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  • Be honest about how he made me feel, tell him bye, and wish him the best
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  • Tell him off.
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  • Listen to his reason to see if he had a good excuse then take it from there.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Not that im condoning ghosting... but back before Christmas last year, I ghosted on a girl (I have social anxiety and at the time it made sense to me to delete her message without reading it and just never reply). A few months later (February this year) I messaged her, explained myself and she gave me another chance. Since then we've become a couple and moved in together abroad. You never knew how one decision could effect your life


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What Guys Said 3

  • What do you want to get as a result of your message? Revenge? Closure? Another chance?

  • 1. Too simple.
    2. Too noble.
    3. Too bitchy.
    4. Chances are that he's gonna tell an elaborate lie so no.

    Still, I voted for 2.

  • Ghost him


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