If life/women say that they don't owe you anything for being nice, will they owe anything if you're an asshole?

Life in terms of getting a job, having lots of money, owning a houses, and having a car. For women it's getting dates.


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  • See am a nice guy but l am not a pushover and l certainly do not treat a female like she is a goddess from heaven. I am nice & respectful because that is who l am and l change that fro no female. I refuse to be a quote “asshole” to excite any female. I am a confident “nice” guy and she can take it or leave it.

  • If you're an asshole they won't have to owe you, they will willingly give you babies.

  • Mate, it dosent matter if you're nice or an asshole, girls, genuinely, do not give a single flying fuck about personality, absolutely 0, they say they do, it's total horseshit,

    I dated a girl for a year right, did everything for her, super nice loving supporting boyfriend, and she leaves me to go on a spree with about 10-15+ assholes, messages me and complains about how they're dicks and stuff,

    They don't care about how you treat them, you could be nice, you could be a cunt, it dosent matter,

    The only thing that matters is how you look, everything else is utter bullshit


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