How can I say I want to know about and meet her?

There is a woman in our college that I do not even know her name. I want to know about and meet her. Bu the way, this woman is from Montenegro as far as I know. Most probably, she cannot speak in Turkish. Therefore, it would be slightly more challenging to express my feelings in English. Do you have any advices? :)


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  • ... meet her and get to know her on non-romantic/sexual terms before expressing your 'feelings'.

    • Like sitting near her when she was alone and beginning to chat with her?

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    • I finally wish to tell that to her :)

    • learn her name and get to know her a bit before you tell her that you're infatuated with her.

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  • As much as I hate to be a downer, I would recommend that you pursue women who are fluent in your own language.
    Even if she does speak your language, women and men have there own languages.

    • Can you message me please?

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    • Actually I do not really good at setting relationship with woman. Somehow, I cannot offer them a date. Maybe I am not so courageous at all. How can I beat my discourage?

    • Baby steps are the key to life.

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