How do I get a guy to get interested in me and like me?

So today I talked to a guy I have liked 5 years ago for the first time.. yes first time because he was in a class higher than me and we just didn't talk to each other lmao... he knew I excisted that is for sure. But I am kinda interested again. So how do I get him interested in me?


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  • Ask him about himself find the things u have in common and talk about ur interesting differences as u going to beach with friends and him going hiking as an example just start simple connection and build up from that. Good luck.

    • I started with that but this girl suddenly disturbed the conversation between us and than he forgot I even was there lol...

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    • By commenting getting likes and having the MHO

    • Ok, TTYL? I gotta go.

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  • Be yourself, if he is worth having something with him, he will stay

  • You tell him the truth

  • Ignore him but at same time prove ur existing


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