To friend request or not to friend request?

So there's this guy in my class (college) and I friend requested him because he's pretty cool. It wasn't a suggestion, I did check out his page but I didn't touch anything. I was just curious he's kinda mysterious. He has about 1000 other friends so what's the harm in one more? Let's call this classmate Todd. I'm already dating this other guy, Sam and though he's not my boyfriend I really like him. I don't want Sam to feel threatened either. I like Todd, but not in that way. Will Todd think I like him now that I friend requested him.


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  • It seems you're interested in Todd since you're stalking him in social media :'D

    • Nooo lol. I mean he's cute but I like Sam.

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    • Yep regretting sending it now. Thanks though

    • You welcome

  • add him for god sakes lol


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