Girls, Why do you change your mind so easily?

I started talking with this girl I found on tinder. Things were going fine I got her number, we talked for a while I asked her if she wanted to get coffee sometime soon. She said yes and we agreed for Thursday. When she went to bed she said she hoped to hear from me today. When I texted her she never responded. Why do some girls do this? What makes you change your mind even if things are going good?


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  • Have you given it enough time to maybe figure out if something happened?

    • Well no not really, but I haven't heard from her today soooo... Yeahh 😔

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    • "Accidental" as in it was never my intention to consider going back to said ex. The reason being is bc I wasn't interested in talking to multiple guys at the same time and as creatures of habit, we go to what's comfortable. I always wondered what it would be like to better get to know these amazing people rather than going back to what felt "safe" and ended up not being.

      Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. The point of dating is to figure out what works for you and vice versa. It won't work out with mostly anyone so you have to go into dating with a little more ease and you'll find the match that wants the same

    • I did that once and I wish I hadn't. Well what works for me is when two people are focused on takeing the time to get to know each other.

      Thank you for your response I'll figure it out someday maybe

  • Um maybe cause she's busy? Lmao


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