Hi, please help me with approving my crush?

Well I know this guy about 3 years, we are acquaintances, but it's about a year that we've become classmates too at collage. Based on the different things happened to us, I'm 90% sure he knows I have feelings for him, at least he figured out recently. I'm not disgusting for him I guess, maybe as a choice to try. but after he texted me for the first time to help me with downloading a movie I think I acted like a stalker and he felt uncomfortable so he stopped everything. even once I saw him in front of me around the collage but he didn't say hi although I really expected it. so my question is if I am true and I scared him away with my huge interest, what should I do next to make him continue communicating with me?
Approaching, sorry


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't be needy or clingy

    • I try to be not, is it good to ignore his presence around me? not even looking?

    • Na just be chill

What Girls Said 1

  • Just be your self and let your instincts take control, guys don't care too much


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