Was he cheating? He doesn’t admit to flirt! was it? was it too flirty?

So I found out messages of my boyfriend where he sent a “friend” a picture of her saying: “can u please tell me how can u have them this big ❤️“ he was talking about her boobs... she then said : can u tell me how can u be this stupi” he then said : “ oh I was jk... miss u❤️“ he said she was just a friend and he was joking and not flirting... I also found a text of him saying he saw her at a club and he thought she was cute... but this was months ago... was he trying to cheat? please help


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  • Well my opinion is that at least he has feelings for someone else... it’s hard to admit but calling someone like that and
    the "miss you" and the hearts... Well I can't say it for sure bug he seems to at least have more feelings that what you would expect

    • Sometimes he says I miss u to friends and she was kinda old friend. The part that was bad for me was when he was talking about her boobs... do u think it’s cheating?

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    • Thanks a lot for the opinion!

    • It's a pleasure to help, just remember that it's all my thoughts but what you do is based on the real thing and you have to take the real decision.

      Best of luck for whatever happens!

  • Well i think he at least was flirting because if you are in a relatioship you will avoid this kind of chats

    • Was it too flirty? like cheating

    • Well was there naked pics? Then for me it was cheating

    • No, she didn’t reply and the conversation ended there

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