How do I sound crazy in this picture?

Okay so i asked a different question about my relationship, and then girls on GAG were calling me crazy, when i am just explaining to him and telling my man the truth then he storms off like a baby..
Like you are 24 years old and you are acting like a baby, i did not have to tell you the truth so thats why im gonna retaliate, you wanna act like a baby fine, you will get more bad feelings when you see another mans dick in me. (in reference to my bf).

As for the women... worry about your own man and your own households and stop checkin about mine. How do i sound crazy in this picture?


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  • Did you go there to get off or have sex? That's where I'm confused about the whole thing cause if you were just getting off then I don't see the issue sometimes you just gotta get away


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  • Ummm okay... if you don't want people to critique your relationship and behavior and call you out for being a dickwad, then don't put it out there. You're literally just doing this so you can fight with people. Your "problem" is with your boyfriend, talk it out with him instead of taking it out on random people that YOU asked about your issue.
    And I'd be taking his side, by the way. Would you like it if he one day mentioned off-hand that he went to a strip club then rubbed one out in the bathroom there?
    I doubt it.


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  • I don't buy the excuse with the phone none would call you from hour to hour


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  • Seems kind of odd... if I’m getting this right you’ve gone to a sex club because you can’t masturbate at home and you’re telling your boyfriend after the fact?

    • yea cuz he asked..

    • Why didn’t you tell him beforehand? I can’t think of any reasonable man not getting upset hearing his girlfriend went to a sex club

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