So... Ddlg? How does this work?

My girlfriend Is heavily into ddlg, and the most I've done is my ex wanted to call me daddy in bed. So I need a little help with things like rules reward punishments and just what I should and shouldn't do to be a good daddy for her.


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  • Well basically you need to take care of her. Giving simple rules depending on what you're both into and setting punishments for breaking them. For some it's just during sexual encounter but for some it's a lifestyle. Depending on which you're into the rules and punishments vary. Just make sure whatever you do you don't disrespectful her. Things like reminding littles who they belong to and how important they are to their doms is very important and also hot. Littles like to be told how often they can touch themselves and why. Also sometimes when they're being naughty on purpose it's because they want their doms to be a little rough with them. Gently but firmly telling them what their punishment is gonna be. Buying them the lingerie you want to see them wearing and telling them how good they look in them. That's all I can think of for now. Hope it was helpful ✌

    • Trust me all of it is, and some of that i do in normal relationships.
      But for her its a lifestyle and I want to be a part of it for her. But I don't know what are good rules and punishments. She is extremely sexual and claims tk be really kinky so anything you can say would help

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    • Alright thanks, you've been an amazing help

    • No problem. Hope it helps ✌🐷

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