How do I get to know this dude?

okay soooo I know this dude from 9th grade when he was in one of my classes with me, and we never actually had a conversation together but a bit of eye contact here and there whenever we see eachother between classes, now I'm in 11th grade and i see this dude only on lunch break. I REALLY THINK HE'S CUTE AND A FUNNY GUY AND I WANNA GET TO KNOW HIM but i don't know how to approach him? cause it would seem creepy if i would just go up to him and say hi 🤔 PS he's always with his friends during lunch 😐😐


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  • It's not creepy. Just go up to him and say hi. What's the worst thing that can happen by saying hello? Honestly you are over thinking it

    • i struggle with social anxiety and that's what stops me.. plus what would i say after the hi? i feel like it would be super awkward.

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    • You think he is funny, start with a joke to break the ice or just ask him about his day

    • alrighttyy thanks!!

  • Ask for help on home work or something


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