To shy to get out there?

Alright I literally can't get out of my comfort zone and seems a bit impossible to find a serious relationship or to talk a girl period. I try but I always back out last minute because I can't push myself to do it.


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  • Learn the art of not giving a f*ck and people including girls will gravitate to you. I use to be very shy like you and couldn’t talk to people in general. When l got older l started to develop inner validation and didn’t give a dam what people thought about me. Once stop giving f*ck it’s like people could sense it and become more eager to engage with me without me having to really do anything. Females also are attracted to men who don’t need validation from others. Being shy usually means you care to much about people’s opinion of yourself. Once you drop it life will be much easier.

  • Just imagine all the people u r shy from jacking off while screaming we love peanuts, you won't be shy after imagining them like that. Hell u might even contempt them

    • That's the best answer I've ever received

    • Glad to help😉like those people are as human as you. They can be even more shy than you. And for sure they jack off and do other weird stuff too just imagine that and you won't feel intimidated😂😂

  • Learn to spell


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