I'd really be so grateful for your thoughts on this guys?

Someone I dated ages ago keeps in touch and has been messaging me a lot recently ( he's always initiating) but because I made it clear didn't want just fun and wasn't going to sext him (even though he said that's not his intention - who knows really thought that right) his contact has trailed off and he's been online a lot more (so I'm presuming he's seeing someone else now which is fine as we're long distance anyway) but does that mean he was never really interested and was only looking for some fun with me or did he just figure its best to move on anyway as a long distance thing isn't really ideal?


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  • I have learned that the answer to this question is "it shouldn't matter". Maybe he was actually interested, maybe he wasn't. But what difference will it make when you find out? I learned that if I'm not gonna do anything about it, then I'm just stressing myself with a question that ultimately won't affect my life any further.

    • Because the answer would determine my actions. Once I make a decision there's no looking back.

    • What, if I may ask, are you going to do if he was actually interested before? Are you going to try to get back with him?

    • I'd consider it yeah if there was a possibility of it working.

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  • If he has faded away a bit it may be temporary. Are there any whom you can spend time with (long distance or otherwise) while life happens in that arena?

    • Yeah there are, it's just a thought as I really liked him that's all and didn't want to feel like I might have made the wrong choice. Sounds like I've probably made the right one though.

    • Time will tell to be sure but my hope is you will do well. Such moments can make us question our own judgment which has always been a difficult balancing act. Forgiving others is easy. Myself not so much.

  • If he's not boning you, you are of no use to him. He has moved on to more receptive snatch. Smart man.

    • Well in that case it's gladly avoided.

  • How would we know, not enough information
    How do you know he's been online a lot more, what social media he is on, what his activities there


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