Interested but not sure whats going on with her at the moment?

saw this girl at lunch at subway , I've known her for a few years through the bar scene and she's had some jobs at places I shopped here. I didn't actually get a chance to talk to her in detail but she looked really good and I've always had a thing for her.

but she found a boyfriend a couple years ago and they appeared to be fairly serious , but I haven't seen them together in months , she was also at the bar this summer with her gf's a few times. and was acting like she was single but I don't know for sure

if they did break up , I don't even know if she'd be ready to date someone else or if she'd be interested in me? as we've known each other for some time I don't really know if I'm relationship material and at her age mid 20's she'd be looking for someone to settle down with I'd assume

I've also always found her to be a hard girl to figure out , which is why I'm especially confused at this point


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  • Do something. Doesn't matter what. Contact her. Anything. Talk about random stuff and eventually take it steps further.

    You will know by the way she reacts to you what her intentions are.


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