Ok so this guy is in an open relationship and says he’s totally into me... but does things that don’t make sense.. does he really like me?

This guy I work with is in an open relationship but won’t date co workers and says how he’s into me and we hang out often and even go out in public settings with other co workers.. we’ve been talking outside of work a ton but I mostly initiated the convos and he replied.. last couple weeks tings got more steamy and I felt like he was more into me than ever but just a few days later he took more time replying to messages and barely bothered to even reply to my messages.. I am not sure what happened. I know he likes me but don’t know what would have caused him to back off. We talk about normal stuff and nothing bad happened but he’s more distant outside of work but is a flirt with me at work and he acknowledges me... what is going on? :(


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  • He might feel like he is getting too close to you.

    • Makes sense. I wonder why he doesn’t just let his feelings show. I’m really into him and really care about him :( is he possibly afraid of rejection as well do you think?

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    • Oi *☹️

    • Yes, those are the pitfalls of dating. It's better you know his true intentions now than later. Good luck!

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