Girls who were friendzoned, what is your hindsight perspective on the situation?

I was friendzoned by my best friend. I fell in love with her, just couldn’t help it.

In hindsight we wouldn’t have worked out anyways. We were never compatible on a relationship level. Not only that, but she was a solid 9 who was wanted by literally every guy, and every guy hated me because I spent up all her time on me lol. I was a weird awkward kind of guy who never got dates.

Now looking back I see we weren’t even close to being matched at least in terms of datability. I was completely unwanted by girls and she was the prize in every guys mind. It’s like a movie Jesus lmao. I just realized that. Except the nerd never did end up getting the girl lol.

Now I’m good. I’m not a lonely loser anymore. I have a whole new life now basically lol. I’m glad things went like they did. I learned a lot along the way!


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  • That's exactly it; it's a learning experience. The feeling of attraction and compatibility has to be mutual, or a relationship is just not going to work.

  • I had a crush on one of my best friends for 12 years. When he friend zoned me that was really hard and it broke my heart because like he would flirt with me and all that jazz.

  • My bestie is a guy and we've been friends over 10 years. It was a mutual decision. I'm very happy about it too.


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