Does this guy like me or not. He speaks in riddles?

So I broke up with my ex in oct. And this guy I've know since middle school messaged me and we've been talking ever since. He's told me he likes me, wants to kiss me, he thinks I'm cute. But has also said he's a man slut, and he doesn't want to be an idiot with me. He's said that he's afraid to make a fool of himself with me. I've learned he's had his heart broke once and hasn't been serious with anyone since. And we've tried to hang out twice but work came up the first time and the second time he's moving out of his and his roommates house so he said he was tired. I really like him. I'd like to go out on a date with him first but he's proven himself difficult. Does he like me or do you think I'm getting strung along?


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  • Let the "man slut" make the next move. Take care of yourself and don't be easy.


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