My sister cut herself out of my childhood photo?

i have a precious photoalbum and she cut herself out of each one... she didn't do that to my younger sisters album... i was going through a depression durin that time and i kinda wanted to be alone... i didn't talk to her for months while living in the same house...


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  • Karma. If you went through such phase. You should be the first to understand her this behavior.

    • she was the reason i was in it

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    • she bullied me a lot growing up... so i was very bitter insecure and resentful... i also missed out on a lot during childhood

    • Well, whatever. Its up to you. You both have to open up to each other. You both are mature enough.

  • Sorry to hear that. Do you still not talk?

    • nope

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    • what?

    • Her depression. You can't force her to accept your help. But if you don't want to give up you don't have to

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