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I'm a chubby guy. Only 5ft6 and 250 lbs. And I was wondering some peoples personal opinions on appearance. For my age group (I'm 22) I've noticed personally appearance is a problem and I was wanting to know what others think on the matter. Is it I'm not putting myself out there, do I have too high standards, am I unnatractive personality wise? What are the factors you guys consider? Is it my age group or am I not looking in any of the right places? I don't mind dating older, I'm more of a romantic but I still have limitstions and standards I like to hold but I also feel like that makes me shallow. What do you guys and gals think. Also, not sure if its important but I am bi.


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  • My opinion is that you should lose some weight. At 5'6" / 250 lbs, it actually should be pretty easy to drop like 20-30 lbs since you're so large already. I had a friend in college who was about your height and weight and after dropping to 225 lbs (which is still really large by the way), he just got a TON of female attention. I think people are far more tolerant than they're given credit for, but you have be willing to be a little reasonable.

    And the thing is, we're only talking about physical and superficial issues here. Carrying that much weight puts you at risk for a ton of health issues and given than you're 22, I think it would be a shame for you to have 45-year-old problems at 25.


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