Okay so I need some advice?

So last month I went an hung out with my friend at her house where I met this guy n he has a girlfriend who's house we were at because my friend lives with her so like that was fine I started to go there more often n now the guy told me that he likes me n that if he ever broke up with his girlfriend he would wanna be with me and like I don't know what to do it's such a complicated situation..


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  • Complicated situation? How exactly is it complicated? Can't you stay rational and say 'no' to such bullshit?

    • I really like him too...

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    • What what's called?

    • Your behavior.

      Put yourself in his GF's position. Imagine how would you feel and what would you think if your boyfriend said such thing to somebody else and that somebody had a feeling towards your boyfriend.

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  • You leave him alone. Why would you want a guy like that. He’s already scoping out his potential next girlfriend and then you’ll be that girl that he leaves for the next. Don’t waste your time nor thoughts on him. He’s not worth it and will crush your heart.


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  • Eww... sloppy seconds


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