How do you get over lost crushes?

I've never had a girlfriend, though there is a girl that has a crush on me that I like (though I won't date her for religious reasons).

This year, I lost 4 crushes to other guys. I typically try to get over it by making up reasons to hate the girl, but it's hard this time.
My only other idea is devote myself to becoming so attractive that I become a lost opportunity for her (as she is for me).

Both of these methods make me feel like crap and I hate feeling so dependant on the approval of these bs people to feel confident.

How do you get over your lost crushes?


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  • This is the most pathetic thing I've read in a while. Get over yourself. Why do you need to hate someone because they won't date you? Work on yourself and you'll see improvements. Because right now you're not someone worth dating.

    • Pff. mkay, I'm in the top 2% of the population in intelligence, I'm not a player, and I'm genuine with people aka I don't put on a big brovado that isn't actually me. What's not worth dating about that? I was asking for a method to get over crushes, not some brain dead comment on my personality. You don't know me bud. I've been through shit that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Adults adore me. It's my goddamn peers. They always put me down as boring and just treat me like trash. So I need to sort out a way to stop caring because right now, the opinions that I regard the most are from the people that are worth the least.

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    • Whatever. idc about trolls. You go live under your rock, but don't fancy yourself wise.

    • Because I don't pander to you like your mother I'm a troll? Lol ok.

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  • Well, there are several solutions to this problem, none of which are ones you came up with. You can get over crushes by accepting that you're not going to be with them, and moving on with your life. But more importantly, you stop letting something like religion hold you down. Don't let a several millennia old book tell you how to live your life. Think for yourself, and make your own life choices, based on what makes you happy.

    • I've accepted that, but trouble is that I'm out of crushes, no more girls I know that I would actually date, so no help to forget about them. I'll still be single and upset until college.

      We could get into the religion thing, but nothing productive would come of it, so I'll just say that when you disagree on your basis of morals (the bible vs whatever else), then you won't agree on anything, leading to endless conflict snd broken hearts. I don't go breaking hearts like that.

    • I think the root of the issue is that you're looking for the wrong ways to forget about them. You shouldn't forget about a lost love by finding a new one. It doesn't usually work, and when it does, it comes back to bite you later. I recommend going out and having fun doing things that you can on your own or with friends. Explore the outdoors, browse a mall or shopping district, play video games, go to parties, everyone has their own method, so find one that suits you. Show yourself that you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy life.

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  • There is no real way, you've just got to brush yourself off and get back up, the world waits for no one. What of this girl you know who likes you, is there any room for discussion

  • First off start giving your self to people who don't deserve you second off realize that you can do better third you're already doing better by getting rid of her so go get laid

  • Masturbate twice a day you will get over them


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