Stigma against black men?

I am a black male and I think I am pretty attractive. I know girls find me attractive based on how they treat me (being really nice, touchy, and listen to what I have to say). I know if they weren't judged white girls would definitely sleep with me but I have this gut feeling that they suppress those Sexual desires in fear of what their male white counter parts would think of em. I believe white guys are insecure and when they see one of their white girls with a burly black dude they automatically label her a n** loving slut and she is then ostracized from the white male dating pool. Meaning that her one or so fling with a black guy fucks up her chances of being with a white guy later on if they ever find out about her n** loving past. please comment and tell me your thoughts on this theory both guys and girls alike however I really prefer a girls opinion on this subject.


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  • Everybody has their own racial preference. Depending on the person, nobody from the outside can change the person, except themselves.


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