Question, Am I Datable?

Hey, I know I'm "too young" or whatever, but am I datable?

Age: 14

Likes: Video Games, Edgy stuff Outgoing fun people, shy people (makes no sense but oh well) Geeky stuff (DC, Marvel, Star Wars, all that shit)

Dislikes: Feminists, Stupid decision making people, Thots, cheaters, slick pieces of garbage.

Looks: Major turnoff, a dead possum, Brown skin, Dark circles around eyes, weird ass afro, brown eyes, ugly as all hell
(according to other people): Funny, Weird, Outgoing, shy, edgy, meme-y, anime-y, gay (I'm not gay though), Loud and silent, cares about everyone, acts like a dad (kinda ties into cares about everyone but oh well), forgets stuff easily, smart-ish, happy, depressed and musical.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Lol you sound like me. Tbh you're the secret fun type. Don't worry you'll be alright and when you do find your partner kick his ass in all the games

    • His? Nnonono I'm into Females lol

    • Lol I'm sorry I'm like half asleep rn but can't fall asleep and all I see is pink. Go easy on your girl tho, unless she kicks your ass then she's a keeper

    • In video games, if she kicks my ass she's a keeper lol

What Guys Said 2

  • Ahhh middle school, insecurities fresh in the air, bullies lurking classes, and a bunch of awkward kids finding themselves. My friend you aren't ugly, or gay, whoever implanted those ideas in your head is just trying to bring themselves up by bringing you down. You're datable, but just don't at that age.

    • I know I'm not gay, and I'm legit ugly. I don't have a huge problem with my face, but I'm legit ugly lol.

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    • Exactly. Puberty starts at different times for everyone, so it's good you don't care because it doesn't matter.

  • Yes you are so as long you know what want set your eyes on somthing and don't settle for less. If anybody says different fuck them.


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