Can an extroverted girl date an introverted guy?

It seems like she's interested in me. Trying to get my attention. I mean I liked her at first before I found out she's a party type so I just stopped liking her. Thing is I thought I would only go for the shy introverted types but... They are pretty hard to talk to since I can be shy myself etc. Bad combination. But thing is I'm curious can it work?

I don't party. I rarely drink. I like quiet, being alone sometimes but best of all having someone to be with/talk to...

She parties. She probably drinks a lot. Seems she has lots of friends.

I've been noticing lately she's trying to catch my eyes. Like get my attention. But never seems to approach me (maybe because she thinks I'm not interested in her).

Anyways I thought I would always go for the shy introverted types but I'm ruining my chances etc. My standards are probably too high. Should I try and give her a chance?


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  • Okay, first off, as an extroverted girl myself, OF COURSE YOU CAN BE TOGETHER! It would just require some adjustment to the types of activities you two are used to and a little compromise but you could totally do it!

    Second, I don't know if it's healthy for her to constantly be partying and getting drunk and if that's the only way she knows how to have a good time I'm not sure if you two would work well. Those kinds of people are more likely to drag themselves into situations that are unhealthy and it seems like you know you want to avoid that.

    If she really wants to be with you, she'll likely start picking up things unexpected and out of her element to get your attention, like maybe sitting out of a conversation she'd normally really into just so she could be around you.

    • Yeah I can imagine me and an extrovert party type girl as a couple. She would be like "come on. Come with me to the party!" And I'll be like "I would but no. I rather just be alone with you." Lol.

      I'm assuming she likes to party... I don't know much about her but WHY WOULD SHE GO FOR A GUY LIKE ME? Is it because I'm not giving her the attention all other guys are? Or does she actually like me?

      Honestly. I liked her at first because I just had this feeling like hey I can be around her until I found out she parties so I know that's shitty thing for me to do cus I'm judging without getting to know her but it's just a defense mechanism I have... I could try but I don't know really. I mean if she has a boyfriend she wouldn't even be paying any attention to me. The quiet, alone guy.

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    • Lol not even. But.. we have all classes together. I'm thinking of making an excuse to talk to her soon. Like we both know we exist. Know each other's names. I just have to also show interest so she knows what's going on.

    • Yeah you do

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  • Yes my wife is very extroverted and we have the most fulfilling relationship

    • How do the parties work? Assuming she parties. Do you stay at home, do your own thing or do you join her?

    • We share the same intellect I prefer to watch and listen she understands that and runs the parties and at the end of the night we f*** till Dawn

    • Wow that's nice hahaha

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