Should I tell him I like him?

I met a guy while on vacation in Mexico. I felt a connection but he lives in Mexico. He's part of the Mexican elite and comes from wealthy family. He's traveled half of the world and obviously has a history plus he's 6 years older than I am. I noticed his ex girlfriend is also a beautiful rich Mexican girl. Since I am not rich and my Spanish is not as good as his, I feel as if I will not be good enough for him.
I've never been in a relationship and haven't made out with a guy. He doesn't know this but he told me something about liking that I was a classy girl not making out on first date or club.

He was a real gentleman with me and every day I was in Mexico he insisted on seeing me. He even drove hours just to see me and the security guard at my hotel only gave us 20 minutes to speak. I saw him for 3 days chatting. After I returned to the states the communication stopped. But every time I post a picture on social media he comments something and if he believes I'm in Mexico he asks me, "are you here?" Next month, I'm going to the beach in Mexico and I told him and he said he can drive and make it to see me. Then I said I will definitely go and he didn't reply anything. So what should I do? Is he into me or not?


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  • It sounds like you want his money, and you yourself only think about money.

    • No, i don't want this money. I want him and he lives a very simple life. I am attracted to his kindness and the way he treats me- like a gentleman

  • Give him a hint


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