Whats wrong with me?

First of all hello girls and boys.

Let me explain my Problem. I'm now 18 and never had a girlfriend, its ok for me. But why is every girl I had a date with putting me in the Friendzone or either never talking to again?

Everyone of my friends tells me I'm Mr. Nice Guy and a Gentlemen even the Female ones. They don't get it either. I'm also not very ugly, I would say average appearance.

Ans suggestions what I'm doing wrong?


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  • 18 is still okay dont worry. Just dont let it reach up to your twenties thats a stretch for being no girlfriend. Keep telling average girls you find them pretty but the work dosent stop there eventually one will take the bait and you can work the rest of your magic on her. Someone is attracted to you she jst hasn't told you yet

  • At least you dated some i'm 19 and i never had one too lol so i guess i can't be much of help but you are maybe too friendly with them?

    • Wow! this site is full of losers lol. Sadly I am too😞 we all need to get our shit together

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    • Don't Know. The most girls I guess want you to make the move. No girl talk to me first ever

    • Same or it's quite rare, good luck to us lol

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