What can I do to find love?

Dear all,

I'm actually becoming jealous of those people who are in a relationship, and having a happy life.
I'm 24 years old, and never had the chance to experience such a thing in my entire life.
I just wonder what it is like.

I do have anxieties problems, and therefore things aren't as simple to me as they are to a confident person. I am completely aware that I have to deal with it in a way or another, but for the time being I want to have a woman by my side. I want to experience a kiss, a held hand, or anything that couples do which I have little to no idea as having never been in such situation.

I'm still studying at university, so I believe I still have a high exposure to women.
However, I don't know how to start a conversation with strangers within/outside the class environment, how to take their numbers, what to text, and how to go from there.

Can you help me out please?



Most Helpful Girl

  • It doesn't have to be so serious a hi or how are you? can drag out into a casual conversation about the day, school or whatever. Listen to what they say or what they're doing and go with the flow.
    Your letter/question was awfully cute by the way. Don't overthink things being nervous is normal, you'll be fine


Most Helpful Guy

  • Firstly you gotta be yourself, as the only way you can find a proper relationship is if you are being you. Some good starting points are identifying common intrests and starting a discussion based on those, then both of you are comfortable. Everyone will get rejected thousands of time in life, so take the chance and go for it if you like what you see in someone else. Asking for their instagram is the easiest way as it isn't too personal and starts friendly, just keep it calm and confident. Then chat through instagram like you would in real life and see what happens after.


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