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My relationship with my girlfriend is amazing. We love each other very much and want to be happy/ But she is going through stress outside of our relationship and doesn't know what she wants. We discussed breaking up but keep deciding to stay together because we love each other. I wrote her a song and was supposed to play it for her a few weeks ago, but never got the chance to. I sent it to her the night we discussed breaking up and she said she loved it and she cried. The next day I gave her space and only texted her good morning and good night. Today I haven't texted her at all and am giving her space. We have practice later so I'll see how that goes. We text almost 24/7 and see each other 4 days a week. She has no friend time. So I think we should give more space and see each other less often to make us miss each other and be less stressed and still be happy. She had girl time yesterday and today, so hopefully that'll help... What should we do?


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  • I think you should give her space, but also an ultimatum, like give her space and time to make a decision, either she wants to go through this with you by her side, or no.
    Because no matter how stressful her life is right now she shouldn't drag you on and leave you confused and unsure if her feelings, tell her the sooner she makes the decision the better you two will be able to deal with it.
    If she still wouldn't decide about you two, you end it but on friendly terms and tell her you two will stay friends and you'll be there for her unless she decides otherwise.
    This exact scenario happened to me and later on found out he just didn't have the courage to breakup with me which made him drag it out (he was going through bad times too)
    So as I said, she needs to make a decision


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