Can a guy be rejected just because he's a little plump or probably has a small height? How much do physical traits matter?

I genuinely believe that a man's attitude, ambition and a whole bunch of things make him the man he is. I sadly find plenty of girls overly obsessed with the outlook. I reckon that's surely an important factor but not the only one. What do you think?


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  • Height is important to some women but most women don’t really have it has a requirement. The only time you face problems with height is if you are really short like borderline midget. Weight should never be a problem because everyone has the ability to fix that easily. Appearance matter to women but so do combination of other intangibles like personality, wealth, & status. Not every women wants all of these women will just have preferences with one or more.

  • Height is in my opinion number one reason why a short guy will get rejected. Check some polls, women are obsessed with height.


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