Almost been a week since the first date?

So it has been almost a week since my first date with this guy who invited me out 3 days after we met online. The date went well, we had dinner and then he invited me to the cinema as well. He told me he was interested in me and we’ve been talking everyday (from
morning till late) since we met online. however, he hasn’t initiated any second date, only two “invites” to his place which I kind of “rejected” because he wants to watch movies with me. In my opinion, it sounds like he wants to get it on? Right now we mostly talk on fb messenger but he hasn't even added me as I friend despite the amount of days we’ve been talking there. He did add me on instagram, snapchat and I have his number as well. I did notice that he follows mostly girls (no celebrities, models etc) on social media if that helps you with analyzing the situation. But what are your thoughts?


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  • Ask him if he wants a second date. Explain to him that you don't feel comfortable to go round his yet till you get to know him more in person. If he truly likes you then he will understand and would plan something with you where you feel comfortable.
    If he doesn't then I'm afraid to say all he wants is sex.


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  • If he doesn't already have a girlfriend, he doesn't want one.


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