Is this normal in a relationship?

When my boyfriend and I started dating we used to text all day, he wanted to see me like 4 times a week or more and he had details with me, like giving me flowers, chocolates, etc.
Now we have been together for 8 months and we have just some texts during the day, we see each other like 2 times a week and he doesn’t give me so much attention.


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  • yup, cuz initially its adrenaline which kinda pushes you to meet every day.

    later on, u start feeling warm, secure within each other that it.

    Initially, it was his insecurity of losing u as well as the curiosity of relationship made him do these things.

    Now he feels secure with

    based on your info


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  • The realationship goes both ways and is starting to go stale it needs pepping up !!!

  • I think you might have done lot of sex with him


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