Girls, How do women get men to spend money on them?

Any girls on here who have managed to get anything they wanted in life?


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  • I think you should go get a job and stop using men for money, they're humans not machines wtf

    • Guys use girls for sex all the time, so why should I feel bad about using men for money? Tf?

    • I just think that if someone steals from you, it doesn't give you the right to steal from others.
      If someone hurt you, it doesn't give u the right to hurt others.
      Same thing applies for this.

    • I don’t think that wanting to date a rich guy and wanting him to spend money on you is the same thing as stealing as long as you are giving him something in return whether it’s physical, emotional, or both. It’s one thing to go on expensive dates and then just dump the guy vs. wanting a relationship and love with a rich man.

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