How do I respond?

Ok... so this is kind of a long story but I'm hoping someone will be patient enough to read this for me...
Here goes..
Alright so about 2 years ago i met a guy i absolutely fell in love with at first sight.
He took notice to me pretty quick as well, since we both work anime conventions we would always be working together which made us grow closer.
Eventually i would come to know his likes, dislikes, things he absolutely hated, things he absolutely loved, places he wanted to see, love interest, etc.
And despite wanting to be with him.. I was happy enough with at least being able to get to know him as a person and build a great connection. It did kind of suck knowing though that he wasn't intrested in me as much as i was to him..
But gradually over a year we would date other people and seem to be fine with it. Until recently.. Things kind of took a turn where say i will be dating someone and suddenly he starts developing feelings for me.. But then when he would start dating and i became single.. i would have serious feelings for him.. but he would no longer be available because then he would be dating someone 😒
I don't know after a while it starts feeling a bit repetitive.. almost kind of annoying but.. I built patience so it didn't bother me all that bad.. It just kind of sucked..
Last night i went out with him and our buddy and they were drinking, i was the designated chaperone of the night, eventually we got back to the house and.. then it happened..
He told me "I think I'm falling in love with you... but I'm not sure" <-----
I just kind of blew it off... I didn't know how to respond... He seemed pretty sad when i told him that "he was drunk, it was time for bed, but i loved him too" (we've always said i love you to each other)
But anyways this morning he woke up, sober, and told me he meant what he said last night... /.\ so i see now he was serious... But honestly i don't know what to say. I want to tell him i feel the same.. but how do i say it?


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  • I dislike when i tell a girl my feelings. And she's doesn't tell me whether she feels the same or not. We don't like to be put in the cold just like you.

    • Well i have expressed my feelings to him on several different occasions... So he's aware /_\

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    • If he is still in a relationship. Turn him down. Because if he would dump his girlfriend for you. Who tells u he wouldn't do the same to you one day...

    • No no no lol were both single at the moment, but thank you for that

  • U feel the same way would be a start?

    • Lol well im not gonna say the feelings aren't mutaul.. It's just he says... He "thinks" he's in love with me... Until i know for absolutely certain weither or not he loves me i dont want to waste putting forth the effort to try if in the end it turns out he doesn't... I dont want my time wasted and i sure don't want to be wasting someone else's time and opportunity to find the person that was meant for them... you know?

    • We all waste time what better do u have go for it

What Girls Said 1

  • Just say it, you're so lucky, don't play games with him, I did that with my crush and he hates it, now he's playing hard to get and I have to play along because well I guess it's my way of saying sorry

    • 😯 but how do you respod to someone when they say "im in love with you... i think?" ... it's like are you? Or aren't you? Lol
      I dont want to be blunt... If I'm not given a blunt answer 😣

    • No, just smile, and look into his eyes like your some Disney princess, because I think he might want it to be some quirky moment, then say I think I love you to and give your warmest smile

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