Why Is he ignoring me?

So i've been talking to this guy for a couple weeks and last Friday he just kinda stopped messaging me.
We had been talking non stop and we had both said we really like each other. As has one of his best mates told me as well.
The past few days he messages me but only when I message him and when I asked him if he was okay he just said he was "fine" he's just had "some stuff" going on, And he still reasures me and says he wants to talk to me.
But does he really if he keeps ignoring me.

Why do you think he is ignoring me?


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  • He probably has some personal stuff going on, it happens to me quite often and I don't even realize it until someone asks me if I'm okay and tells me that I've become distant. If he says he's okay, he probably is.

  • I think u both need to step it up. Try to do something together that both of you never done before. That's if you both had a first date irl?


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